About Jester

It is well-known that the Jester fucks children, and certain reporters have it on good faith this is more than just a rumor. He molests children because he is angry at the world and has no way to properly vent his frustrations. He is frustrated because he sucks at the one thing he thought made him popular: computer hacking.

The Jester cut his teeth on second rate Urdu language websites hosted on outmoded Apache servers. This garnered him respect among many fifteen year old girls, even though he was already of an adult age by that time. To the Jester, this mattered not.

During those times statutory rape, although willing, still mustered an erection on the jester and he fucked whatever teenage girl found his childish domineering behavior attractive. Like his hacking capabilities, however, the novelty of young women wore off too – which is why the jester turned to the DarkNet where he continues to distribute loli art and vintage CP today, while using google and nmap scans to create the visage of a real life hacker – Just Like In The Movies!

Download Tor and navigate to the hidden wiki to find the Jester’s most prized possessions and works – a limitless bounty of child porn, distributed from his very own self-operated hidden server, located inside his home.

  1. LulzSec says:

    lol jester šŸ˜‰ #LulzSec strikes again

    • SuperAnomonus says:

      Not sure why you typed “lol”, LulzSec…there wasn’t a single fart joke.

      Not saying that an errant inclusion of a fart joke would have made this funny…it was just something I expected from you.

  2. Lead, follow or get outta the way!

  3. People think I lie about this but I do not lie about anything. Chester is a str8 child molester. He is into child porn in a big way also. Jester is into boys age 10 years old, he is a child molester because he is a control freak. I tested him to see how fast he is at spotting his name posted on line and his best time was 5 minutes worse was 2 hours. Now that is control at its highest. I think every one should own up to things they done wrong in life not cover it up and continue doing it. He has around 500 Twitter profiles youtube, facebook……. and others. Them and his sock puppets are what feeds his sick brain. When someone finds him & gives him up you’ll see I told the truth. Till then he plays his little bot games on line in hopes the FBI keeps him safe.

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