WikiLeaks supported terrorists, by publishing information about how to kill Americans, and where we were stationed. Even a list of terror sites that they could bomb.

But I stepped in and saved all their lives by giving your computer a virus, allocating your bandwidth, and forcing you into full-on patriot mode. WikiLeaks suffered from downtime, and I saved the lives of my brothers in the military.

Anonymous reared its ugly head, and retaliated for my attacks by shutting down MasterCard and PayPal. Silly skids don’t have any skills, so they were easy to dox. (lol)

I doxed Topiary, and I will stand by those dox. Jake Davis is some innocent kid Anonymous put in harm’s way, with surprisingly clever trolling. What can I say? Even a broken watch is wrong once a day. Meanwhile, the REAL Topiary runs free in Sweden.

As for my arch-nemesis Sabu, he’s on the run because I doxed him. Hugo Carvalho, the vans will find you. Give yourself up and it will be easier.

But this brings me to the salient point. This is the REAL piece of importance which must be stressed beyond all else, if you are going to understand why I am the Greatest Hacker In History.

John Tiessen, a sex offender, accused me of being a child molester! So I outed him, and made sure everyone knew how smart I was and how dumb he is. I mean what kind of an idiot rapist would ever call me a child molester. This is the important work of a hacker, defending my identity at all costs. I’m really good at staying Anonymous, unlike Anonymous, but I’m even better at defending my brand. I will go down in history as the most triumphant and noble hacker ever.

John Tiessen is a rapist.

Now this upstart little shit of a web site, Chronicle.SU, they started saying untrue things about me. I never get dox wrong, or slander people who don’t deserve it in complete seriousness. Chronicle picked up where John Tiessen left off. They said that I was a child molester, because I was “raping” the computers of random people in order to (d)DoS my targets. Well, that’s not exactly true. I use my own version of a layer 7 DoS attack which doesn’t aim to overwhelm bandwidth, but instead overwhelms the CPU of the victim’s server. I invented it and it’s called XerXes, and is far superior to all other SlowLoris. I can’t tell you why, or what it really does because no one can have it but me. Its my secret. I dont need a bot net, I have magic.

Anyway, I complained to BlueHost about Chronicle’s LIBEL, but the Chronicle stayed up for days. Apparently slandering an Anonymous persona is not against the law, or even BlueHost’s strict terms of service. I took the gloves off, because it was time for hardball. I attacked them with XerXes, and their server went down. When it came back up, BlueHost had removed the Chronicle, because it had become a liability to the other pages hosted on that shared server.

They say they’re a comedy site, but I don’t agree with that. When Rush Limbaugh or Andrew Breitbart tell lies to be funny and undermine people like Anthony Weiner, it’s okay. But Chronicle just wasn’t funny with their lies. Its the intent that counts, and they only wanted to harm my identity.

They paid the price now. I’ve taken away their voice.

Tango Down,

Stay Frosty.